Workplace investigations training - 2 days

Workplace investigations training


There are no prerequisites for participants to join this course

About this course

This two day course is aimed at equipping line managers with the skills and knowledge to manage all stages of the investigation process. Managers will learn how to conduct investigations in a fair and reasonable way in order to make an informed decision and reduce the threat of any subsequent potential compensation claims. 

The course will begin by examining the legal framework governing workplace investigations. This followed by examining what the investigation process is, the importance of impartiality and the role of the investigator. 

Participants will learn effective questioning techniques and listening skills as well us understanding the common mistakes that occur when running investigations. In addition to this the course will demonstrate how to gather evidence, handle witnesses and evaluate the information that is gathered.

Finally, to ensure learning takes place, participants will engage in a series of role play exercises with professional actors, where they will be required to carry out a mock investigation on a given scenarios with the actor taking on the role of the alleged perpetrator. The actor will help create an environment comparable to the most challenging situations that participants might face in such situations by using various distraction techniques, emotions, language and behaviour. Participants will receive feedback and be able to ask questions to ensure they are able to confidently apply the skills they learn. 

Who this course will benefit

This course is for HR and personnel professionals, employee relations officers and line managers with responsibility for managing or conducting internal investigations and hearings.

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