Value based selling skills - 2 days

Value based selling skills


There are no prerequisites for this programme

About this course

This 2 day course will help delegates differentiate their product or service in the market place. It has been designed for sales people who need to compete on a platform other than price and who want to build lasting partnerships with their clients. The course is all about the psychology of buying and understanding how to exploit an understanding of human behaviour to present products and services in a manner that is most attractive to the buyer. 

This programme will provide delegates you with a complete framework for selling value. They will understand and learn why it is crucial to sell value, identify how to create value, and strengthen their capabilities to communicate value based benefits. They will learn how to present value benefits in the prospecting, positioning, negotiation and closing phase.

The course begins by exploring the buyer decision-making process. Delegates will learn about the different factors that effect buyer decisions, and how to identify the factors that effect different people. They will learn:

  • How value impacts the psychological buying decision
  • Understanding buyer motivations
  • Understand the decision making process
  • Understand the customers’ value mind-set
  • Identify the explicit need of the customer and their value expectation
  • Recognise different value expectations at the different levels in the company
  • Ask value based questions that help identify buyer needs

The course will then explore the importance of having an explicit knowledge of the competition and their offering. Delegates will learn what they need to know, and how they need to present this to buyers. They will understand how to present themselves as analytical and not envious or spiteful. They will be able to present the value that they add over the competition objectively and constructively. They will know how to defend their prices without appearing defensive. 

People buy people, and delegates who want to be successful at value based selling must know how to build and maintain relationships with their buyers. They must understand how to personalise the experience and create a level of rapport and trust that the buyer will appreciate.

Delegates will then learn how to present their product or service to demonstrate the additional value that they have to offer. Building on all the other areas of learning in the course, they will know how to present their product or service in the manner most likely to result in a successful sale. The course will end by exploring how to close the sale.

Who this course will benefit

This course will benefit anyone who has to promote products or services that offer superior value to their competition and that want to be able to promote their value benefits more effectively. 

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