Value based selling skills - 2 days

Value based selling skills


There are no prerequisites for this programme

No organisation is so foolish that they would price themselves out of the market. Every company knows that it offers a price that is great value for the product or service it is selling. One person will book the cheapest flight from London to New York on the internet. Another person will pay 10% more and book the same flight through a specialist travel management company. The difference is that the latter will may have paid the premium to secure flexibility, or the support of the specialist in the event that anything goes wrong. They may simply be paying for the personalised service, because that is what they want and the additional premium is worth it for them.

In an environment where pricing for products and services is frequently being commoditised, your organisation must be able to defend its pricing on the basis of the value that it adds for the additional premium charged. Successfully selling based on value will allow your organisation to have higher margins than your competitors which will ultimately lead to much improved bottom line profits.

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