Trade show selling - 1 day

Trade show selling


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Do trade shows really generate a return on investment. More than 50% of exhibitors at trade shows say the lost money or at best broke even when exhibiting at a trade show. Participating at trade shows is expensive. You must pay to rent the space, and on top of this you must pay for the design and installation of the stand itself, leaflets, samples and promotional material, the cost of renting or transporting equipment, staff costs as well as hotel and travel expenses. At the same time trade shows offer organisations a phenomenal opportunity. There are thousands of people under one roof that are visiting because they have an interest in doing business either within your industry sector or because your organisation has a product or service relevant to them. 

So what will define whether your investment in exhibiting is a wise one? It is almost certain that the success of your participation will correlate directly with the quality of the people you have on the stand. If they understand how to promote or sell at a trade show, you will have made a sensible investment. If the people you choose to represent you at the trade show are not competent, you might as well flush your money down the toilet.

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