Time Management - 2 days

Time Management


There are no prerequisites for participants to join this programme

The most valuable commodity we have as humans is our time. And it is a perishing commodity that can never be salvaged once lost. It therefore astonishing that in today’s fast paced life, no one ever seems to have the time. Employees and managers alike are often confronted with the reality that they simply do not have enough time in the day to finish the tasks required of them. The result is long days that run into the night in the office, which completely kills the chance of having a healthy work life balance. It is therefore interesting to note that research has shown that 20% of our efforts result in 80% of our results. 

So often it seems that we work so hard and yet still have nothing to show for it at the end. Time management is about getting the same tasks completed more efficiently to the same level of quality but in less time. Time management is about being productive and controlling your workload.

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