Tackling poor performance - 2 days

Tackling poor performance


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Poor performance, according to recent studies, costs employers over £32 billion pounds per year simply because it is not managed as robustly as it should be. The key to dealing with poor performance effectively is informal intervention at the earliest possible opportunity. Having a formal Poor Performance Procedure in place however is essential as a back up. The aim of any poor performance procedure is about giving an employee ample opportunity to perform to the required standards through coaching and guidance and the identification and resolution of underlying reasons causing the poor performance. Our clients have often found that some of their best employees are the ones who initially performed poorly. In the majority of these cases, once the underlying reasons were uncovered and dealt with, the performance issues disappeared completely. 

If left unmanaged, poor performance can escalate into a range of other issues, which then can become far more serious and difficult to manage. If left too late, poor performance will usually have to be dealt with a blunt tool such as discipline or termination and this will only prevent the organisation from benefiting from the talent of an individual that might have the ability to perform.

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