Sales Negotiation Skills - 2 days

Sales Negotiation Skills


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About this course

Buyers are becoming better at negotiating with their suppliers. Therefore, to succeed in competitive market conditions supplier representatives need to be more skilled than ever before. This course develops and hones those necessary skills. 

Whilst the principles of negotiation are relatively straight forward, their application requires a high level of skill. This course provides delegates with the environment to develop their negotiating ability and is worth years of learning the hard way. You will find your investment in this negotiation skills training course repaid many times with the improved outcomes you get. 

The course begins by looking at what negotiating is, the principles of negotiation, when and how a sale becomes a negotiation and how it effects different situations. We will develop the sales theme so that negotiations can commence in the best possible way. Delegates are then taken through each stage of the negotiation process that leads to successful outcomes. They will learn how to manage the negotiation sequence and understand how to take up the right 'initial stance' and remain in control throughout the negotiation.

Our facilitators will then help participants understand their own negotiating styles, and how they respond to situations where negotiation is required. Participants will then learn about the Negotiator's Mentality and how it effects customer interaction. They will learn about the characteristics of successful sales negotiators and how they can learn and develop by understanding these characteristics.

The course will demonstrate how to use Win-Win negotiating skills to maintain margins and client relationships as well as develop an understanding of how to retreat from allowing price to become the focal point of the discussion and to avoid the one-issue negotiation that makes your product or service a commodity. At the same time participants will learn how to end the negotiation and make the other party feel as if they won.

The course will then look at how to make the first offer, how to respond to the first offer and how to make and get concessions. Participants will learn techniques for presenting price, presenting the sales case and presenting the benefits. They will also learn how to deal with difficult questions. 

Using video case studies, our facilitators will encourage participants to identify the characteristics of a successful negotiator and help to understand how they can develop those characteristics through the learning in this programme. 

Preparation for everything is paramount to any successful out come, and accordingly we will explore how to prepare for a negotiation. We will cover:

  • Pre-Negotiation Research 
  • Planning the Negotiation Strategy 
  • Setting Objectives 
  • The Four Stages of a Negotiation 
  • Estimating the Variables 
  • Costing Concessions 
  • Establishing Your Bottom Line 
  • Negotiation Techniques 

It is also important to create the right climate and environment for a successful negotiation, and participants will learn various skills that allow them to control the climate. This will include: 

  • Opening the negotiation- how and why  
  • Establishing the Negotiation Parameters
  • Trading Concessions
  • Winning Outcomes 
  • Use effective psychological and logical countermeasures

The course will look at how sales negotiators can strengthen their position through intelligent questioning and how best to obtain and use information effectively. In addition it is important for sales negotiators to analyse their 'strength of position'  and recognise sources of power and leverage and how they are used. 

Delegates will learn how to effectively use language to persuade and influence people even when they are negotiating with skilled buyers. The course will end with an assessment of how to deal with conflict when it arises during the negotiation process, and how to turn conflict into a positive negotiating tactic.

Who this course will benefit

This course will suit any sales person selling to the public, as well as account managers dealing with experienced buyers. This course is ideally suitable for people who have some prior experience of negotiating. 

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