Pitching for business - 2 days

Pitching for business


There are no prerequisites for this programme

The opportunity to get new business is always an exciting challenge. The excitement is great, but the challenge might not be so pleasant. In the current economic climate, there will be multiple organisations pitching for the same business. Everyone will presenting their unique selling points, their superior product or service, their more advanced technology and their more competitive pricing. Regardless of your offering, no one has to buy from you, and the decision usually rests firmly on the pitch.

Getting the pitch right is so important because there are no second chances. Not only can the pitch ruin your chances of winning the business you are pitching for, it can also damage your reputation and hinder future opportunities to work with the same buyer on different tenders in the future. So why is it that some organisations seem to win contract after contract when you believe that your organisation is much better placed. The answer is simple- the people winning the business are highly skilled at pitching. So the question your organisation must ask is: Can we afford to miss out?

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