Motivating teams and boosting team morale - 2 days

Motivating teams and boosting team morale


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About this course

This 2 day course provides a detailed insight into how teams are motivated and begins by looking at one of the foundations in achieving this: having a mission, vision and set of values that each individual member of the team understands and that has buy in. Different people are motivated by different needs, and the key for managers is understanding how to determine how each individual’s motivational value system links into mission, vision, values and goals of the team. The course will help delegates develop the skills to be able to identify the motivational value system of each member of the team and then help the team member buy into the vision, mission, values and goals of the team. 

To be able to effectively motivate a team, managers need to have an understanding of various aspects of human behaviour and needs. They must also ensure their skills are developed to be able to apply their understanding of theory. The course will therefore address each of the following:

Needs hierarchy

Different people have different needs. Delegates will learn how to identify the needs of individuals within the time, and how these individuals are motivated and demotivated on the basis of their needs heirachy.

Stages of team development

Team members will be motivated differently depending on the age of the team, the time an individual has been a part of the team, and the stage of development of the team itself. The course will detail how each of these areas impacts on team motivation, and how to use this information to maximise employee motivation.

Team identity and culture

Motivation is influenced by a sense of belonging and security. One of the catalysts in achieving this is for team members to be a part of a team that has an identity that they can associate with and a culture that they are part of. The course will provide managers with the skills and knowledge they need to create a team identity and culture, and how to use the team identity and culture to motivate the team.


Coaching is not just a tool for improving employee performance and productivity- it is also a foundation for a motivated team. Delegates will learn how to ensure their coaching helps deliver motivation as well as performance.

Recognition and reward

Recognition and reward are very important in motivating teams, but they can also be detrimental if not applied properly. Delegates will learn how to use recognition and reward to achieve long term motivation and how to recognise the signs of a recognition and reward strategy failing and even de-motivating the team.

Job Security

Job security is never really guaranteed, especially in light of the current economic climate. Nevertheless, a team will never be motivated if they do not feel secure. The course will provide an insight into how a manager can offer their team a sense of job security without lying or making representations.

Responsibility and career development

The majority of people want development and progression in every part of their lives, and their career will be no different. Managers will learn how to give responsibility to their team and help them develop and progress to maintain motivation. 

Who this course will benefit

This course will benefit team leaders, supervisors and managers. It will also be beneficial for anyone that aspires to become a manager or supervisor as it will equip them with the basic skills that will enable them to demonstrate their managerial competence and potential when applying for a managerial or supervisory position.

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