Managing redundancy and leading people positively through change - 2 days

Managing redundancy and leading people positively through change

It is no secret that the United Kingdom has just exited a recession, and is still suffering from the effects of one of the of the worst economic crisis situations in the last 60 years. Unemployment is still going up, and it is rare to go through a week without hearing about more job losses in businesses across the country. 

Redundancy is one of the most traumatic events an employee may experience. Announcement of redundancies will invariably have an adverse impact on morale, motivation and productivity. At the same time, whilst making people redundant is difficult and clearly has so many negative consequences, sometimes it is essential for the survival of an organisation, and the number of redundancies in Britain is likely to rocket over the next 18 months.

For many mangers, managing redundancy will be a completely new experience for them. Complying with employment legislation will avoid an increased likelihood of tribunal claims which would further hinder an organisations financial stability. Complying with the law however will not reduce the negativity within the organisation that will follow. Those employees that are left behind will have low morale, a fear for the security of their own future and a feeling of guilt knowing that their colleagues are now without jobs.  Sensitive handling of the redundancy process and leading the employees left behind positively through the change could make the difference between survival and collapse.

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