Managing conflict with customers or service users - 2 days

Managing conflict with customers or service users


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Conflict costs money and needs to be avoided at all costs. So how should organisations deal with conflict when it occurs with the very people that generate the organisations revenue. Conflict becomes so much more challenging when all businesses know that to achieve success they must live by the adage “The customer is always right”. Customers can be right, but they can also be wrong. In both scenarios however there is a danger of conflict occurring.

For the front line staff that face conflict with your customers, the episode can have severe and long lasting consequences. For your staff, there will be stress, frustration, high staff turnover, poor productivity, low self esteem and a lack of motivation. For your organisation there will be increased costs, a negative impact on your brand as a result of a perceived level of poor customer care and a reduction in business. The good news is that conflict can be handled in such a way that both your staff and customers will resolve conflict positively and to the benefit of both parties. All you need to do is make sure that you staff have the right skills to deal with the conflict.

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