Managing a matrix team - 1 day

Managing a matrix team


There are no prerequisites for participants to join this programme

About this course

This 1 day course has been designed to provide managers of matrix-managed teams or work groups with practical tools and techniques to achieve team performance, motivation and engagement.  The course begins by looking at the characteristics of matrix teams, what they are and why they are needed. Delegates will learn about the implications of operating two differing chains of command as well as the advantages and challenges they come with.

The course then explores the role of the person leading a matrix team and what is expected of them from the organisation as well as the team. Delegates will learn what level of involvement is appropriate, how to maintain focus,  and how to move from positional authority to working inside the group to provide direction.

Consideration will be given to the skills, behaviours and styles required from the manager of a matrix team and how these impact on the team. Delegates will learn how to ensure employees within the team can be kept motivated, and how the fertile breeding ground for conflict that exists in matrix teams can be managed to prevent conflict or manage it effectively if it occurs.

The course will conclude by exploring various tools and techniques that will help managers:

  • Creating a Matrix-managed Team
  • Use group process facilitation to enable the team to achieve its objective
  • Apply team problem solving to encourage collaboration and collective management control
  • Empower the team to reach their own decisions based upon areas of team responsibility
  • Act as the voice of the team and communicate with the wider organisation

Who this course will benefit

This course will benefit people who are involved in directly managing a matrix team directly or indirectly.

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