Managing Teams Remotely - 1 day

Managing Teams Remotely


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About this course

This one day course begins by looking at some of the challenges faced when trying to manage teams remotely. The course then focuses on one of the most difficult challenges faced when managing teams remotely- ensuring that all team members feel a part of a single organisation focused on a common set of goals- not just within the team, but within the entire organisation. The course will provide information on how remote teams can get to know each other and feel each other's presence as well as that of the manager.

Delegates will learn about how to set the foundations of a strong remotely managed team. This will include learning how to:

  • Set clear goals and direction
  • Communicate changes in goals and conflicting priorities and timelines
  • Establish agreement and buy in on communication and collaboration
  • Building and maintaining remote relationships
  • Assess work remotely and measure progress against goals
  • Reward, motivate, coach, and develop the team

The course will develop delegates' understanding of how to have difficult conversations remotely with their team, and how to effectively manage performance. 

The course will then look at the effect of managing teams from international cultures whose primary languages may not be the same as the language spoken by the manager. Different countries also have different HR rules and practices, and managers will need to be able to understand how to adapt to these different styles. 

Delegates will also learn about the importance of creating a culture of respect for each others values and time. It is easy for teams that work apart from each other to forget that different people work different times, and often this leads to certain members of the team working significant additional hours or being inconvenienced. This will be followed by an analysis of how to create a team culture for a remote team.

The course will conclude by looking at how to handle conflict in remotely managed teams. Conflict can be extremely difficult to manage where teams are present, but where they are apart from each other the challenge is so much greater. If handled ineffectively, the conflict can cause catastrophic consequences for the teams ability to perform and deliver.

Who this course will benefit

This programme will benefit any manager who has to manage an individual team remotely, Managers that manage multiple people in multiple locations

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