Introduction to professional telesales - 2 days

Introduction to professional telesales

About this course

Whether your call centre engages in telemarketing, booking appointments, or just plain product sales, the value your call centre adds to your organisation can be transformed by taking control of the opportunities offered through it.

This telephone sales training course starts by looking at the challenges of selling using the telephone. Each step of the sales process is then covered from planning calls, the first contact, the introduction and what to say through to establishing needs, making your sales case, objection handling and closing. There are practical exercises at each key stage to provide delegates with the opportunity to develop their skills with individual review and support from the tutor. 

This intensive two-day training course teaches delegates how to use the telephone for professional selling. Delegates will learn how to prepare scripts, manage calls, implement components of an effective voice, listen to feedback, and ask questions to increase sales. Course activities also cover finding prospective clients, discussing the type of information to leave on prospective clients voice mail, maintaining a positive attitude, identifying the components of the soft sell, and building and maintaining relationships with prospective clients. Delegates will also learn about gaining feedback from customers, addressing rejection, resolving objections, and closing a sale.

Programme highlights include:

  • Preparing for telesales
  • Preparing to write telesales scripts  
  • Essentials of telesales
  • Communication essentials  
  • Handling telesales calls  
  • Prospecting
  • Generating telesales prospects  
  • Interacting with prospects  
  • Closing sales over the telephone 
  • Addressing telesales challenges 
  • Maximizing telesales performance
  • The Vital Importance of First Impressions 
  • Telephone Tactics 
  • Your Voice 
  • Questioning Techniques 
  • Listening Skills 
  • Planning Outgoing Calls 
  • Making Cold Calls 
  • Making Appointments 
  • Opening a Call Positively 
  • Using Benefits Effectively 
  • Establishing Needs 
  • Building Your Case 
  • Dealing with Questions 
  • Handling Objections 
  • Closing the Call and Securing the Business 
  • Practical Exercises 
  • Individual Self Development 
  • Description of Course

Who this course will benefit

Anyone involved with telephone-based relationships who wants to organise and enhance their skills in the shortest possible time. Although the course has been designed for salespeople, the skills learned can equally be applied to areas such as customer service or support, where sales opportunities arise during the normal run of work.

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