Introduction to highly effective customer service - 2 days

Introduction to highly effective customer service


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About this course

Customer service does not just apply to organisations that have transactions with people. Customer service applies in every walk of life. Internally, every department will have customers, and externally every organisation will have customers. A local council for example must count all local residents as its customers. This course is designed to introduce people to customer service.

The course begins by defining customer service and establishing through experience what constitutes good customer service. Drawing upon what the participants discover in the first exercise, the course will then use a specific behavioural analysis tool that will allow participants to understand what behaviours they already have that has resulted in good customer service, and which behaviours they need to develop to achieve outstanding customer service standards. 

Participants will then look at different communication preferences and styles. Our facilitators will help delegates to understand their own styles and preferences, and the impact they would have on other people with each of the different communication styles and preferences. Delegates will learn how to identify communication styles, and how to develop these styles to achieve outstanding customer service.

The focus will then shift towards the organisational values of the individual organisations that participants work at.  Our facilitators will help them identify the customer service standards desired, the standards that are expected and the standards that are actually delivered. Participants will be asked how their customer service delivery differentiates from their competitors and how they can be further enhanced.  

Drawing upon all the learning of the day, participants will identify how outstanding customer services are relevant to different areas of business outside of the typical business to consumer model. 

To support the learning in this course, participants will have the opportunity to practise and develop their practical skills using a number of small group, paired and individual exercises. 

Who this course will benefit

This course will benefit anyone that has to interact with other people as part of their role.

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