Introduction to Strategy - 1 day

Introduction to Strategy

About this course

This 1 day course provides managers will the tools and skills to be able to effectively devise strategy and make decisions. The course has been designed as an introduction for managers who have not had previous experience in strategic planning and the decision making process.

The course begins by looking at how to create strategic management thinking. This will involve understanding how to set and create a clear direction for a dynamic business and how to create competitive advantage for a business. Participants will discuss what strategy is, and why it is so important to have strategies for everything.

The course will then explore the strategic framework and how to put it in place. Participants will learn about practical strategic analysis, how to analyse business performance, how to identify opportunities and threats and effective strategy formulation.

Delegates will learn about corporate strategy, business unit strategy and functional strategy and then how to develop strategy that fits specifically with their business. They will also learn how to create strategic choice and build sustainable competitive advantage.

The course will then take a practical look at how to develop a strategic plan, either by using a fictitious example, or if any of the participants are willing, the facilitators will help them formulate a strategic plan relevant to themselves. This exercise will allow delegates to understand how to practically apply the learning.

The programme will examine how to measure a strategic plan against stakeholder interests as well as how to keep the plan flexible and adapt it to changes in the business and external environment. The course will conclude by exploring how to developing and adapt to long-term objectives.

Who this course will benefit

This course will benefit anyone who is new to developing strategy

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