Highly effective networking

Highly effective networking

About this module

This one day course is designed to help delegates understand how to sell whatever they choose through networking without appearing to be selling anything. It will provide an insight into how to build relationships that will be useful immediately and in the long term.

The course begins by looking at how to choose which networking events to attend and how to recognise the gaps in your network. Delegates will then learn about how to form relationships, and nurture these to deliver long term value. They will learn how to join and leave groups, introduce themselves and make small talk with ease. Using skills such as conversation control and questioning, delegates will learn how to quickly find common ground. They will learn what disclose about themselves personally and how to use the information they gather to create trust. Delegates will learn how to build rapport and develop lively conversations.

The course will then look at the ideal moment to promote a business, cause, event or service. Delegates will learn how to promote their business objective without appearing to be selling. They will learn how to subtly plug benefits their business could offer when most relevant in the conversation without appearing remotely pushy. They will learn how to build confidence in themselves and in the organisations they represent.

The course will conclude by examining how best to follow up on relationships that have developed through networking and how to develop these relationships over time for maximum effect.

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