Handling complaints to the satisfaction of the customer and organisation (with actor based role play) - 2 days

Handling complaints to the satisfaction of the customer and organisation (with actor based role play)

About this course

This course has been designed to teach participants to turn complaints into a commercial advantage for their organisation. The programme begins by looking at prevention rather than cure. Participants will look at what has historically caused complaints and what can be done to improve. Participants will then look at what constitutes a complaint, and the importance of different perceptions, and how these influence behaviour. The course also asseses the visible and invisible costs of customer complaints as well as the benefits of complaints.

The programme will then examine the key skills and qualities for successfully and effectively handling a customer complaint such as:

  • Positive body language
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Complaint empathy (seeing things from the other person's perspective)
  • Remaining calm under pressure and not over reacting
  • Remaining professional

Participants will be shown how to apply these skills and will be able to practice their application in our actor based role play sessions.

The course is designed to challenge participant's beliefs in managing customers’ expectations of themselves and their organisation, whether they are internal or external customers. Customer expectations for speed, quality, cost control and delivery have increased and customers complain when their expectations are not met. When customers complain it can be a very stressful experience and remaining calm under pressure is key to retaining long-term customer loyalty.

Other highlights of the programme include:

  • Understanding the impact you have on customers; negative and positive
  • Understanding the change required in your thinking and behaviour that is required to manage complaining customers 
  • Recognising the importance of not taking complaints personally but rather remaining professional
  • Establish rapport with angry and abusive customers to resolve their complaint
  • Appreciate the value to you and your customers when you remain calm and resist their pressure
  • Managing the perception divide – “It’s entirely your fault!” 
  • Knowing why customers complain 
  • Managing extremes of behaviour and emotion 
  • Managing angry and abusive customers 
  • Managing the issue and not the person 
  • Staying calm under pressure 
  • Generating customer loyalty 
  • Listening, acting and responding to customer needs 
  • Use the complaint to re-shape the 'customer experience' 
  • Genuine, sincere and proactive customer service 

Who this course will benefit

This programme will benefit anyone who handles customer complaints or may be placed in situations where they are required to manage difficult customers.

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