Facilitation Skills - 2 days

Facilitation Skills


There are no prerequisites for participants who wish to join this programme

Individuality is one of the most valuable assets organisations have in their teams. Every person is unique, and will have experiences, knowledge and ideas that will allow them as an individual to add value to the organisation. The problem with individuality is that bringing a group of individuals together with different values and perspectives will always result in many layers of complexity. It is these complexities may hold back the organisation benefiting from the value these individuals have to offer.

The role of the facilitator is to sit independently from the group and help achieve the objectives that resulted in the group of people being brought together. Facilitators may have to solve a problem, mediate conflict, gain consensus on a course of action, chair conferences, manage inter-departmental discussions or even oversee away days. The fundamental task of the facilitator in all of these is to ensure that time is used efficiently, all views are given a voice and outcomes are not determined by individual viewpoints.

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