Emotional Intelligence for Managers - 2 days

Emotional Intelligence for Managers


There are no prerequisites for participants to join this course

About this course

Developing emotional intelligence will allow an individual to more effectively manage the people that report to them, in addition to allowing them to understand their own personality traits and characteristics and what effect they have on the people they interact with. Developing emotional intelligence will result in far better self performance, and of course far superior performance in employees. In addition, emotional intelligence will improve motivation, moral and appreciation for other people's preferences and styles

This 2 day course begins by looking at the benefits of becoming an emotionally intelligent manager, assessing your own emotional intelligence and understanding the framework to develop your own EQ managerial competencies. The course continues by defining emotional intelligence and examining the four key competencies of Emotional Intelligence which are :

Self Awareness- Participants will learn about the importance of being a self aware manager and understanding and accepting their own personal managerial strengths and weaknesses. They will understand their own emotional responses when interacting with people and the impact this has. Finally delegates will learn how to effectively seek feedback to become a more self aware manager.

Social Awareness- Participants will be equipped with the skill set to understand and empathise with others as well as being able to build rapport with a broad range of people. They will learn how to manage and engage emotions within their teams as well as having the tools to develop strategies for developing more emotionally intelligent teams.

Self Management- Delegates will learn how the benefits of managing and controlling their own emotions such as anger, irritation, joy, and how this can enable them to stay focused and calm under pressure. They will also develop the skills to have self motivation to achieve their goals and embrace positive mind sets that will allow them to stretch themselves and seize opportunities.  

Relationship Management- Delegates will learn how to build and manage internal and external relationships, and the reasons why relationships succeed or fail. They will develop the skills to communicate and influence people to achieve enhanced results as well as managing conflict in people. Finally, they will learn how to develop people through emotional coaching by instilling belief, inspiring and connecting with the people they manage.

Who this course will benefit

This course will be useful for any manager or supervisor that manages people. It will also help aspiring managers or supervisors develop the skill set that will give them the competitive advantage over other applicants for managerial or supervisory roles.

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