Effective Change Management - 1 day

Effective Change Management


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Change starts at birth. From the comfort of a mothers womb, a baby must deal with a whole new world with literally no time to prepare for the change. Dealing with change continues all the way through life, and one would think that with the amount of change human beings undergo, it would be so easy to deal with. The reality is however very different. The truth is that as humans we never really do get used to change. Change is always difficult to deal with, and yet it is the one thing that every organisation is certain to face regularly.

When change is managed badly, the consequences can be disastrous leaving behind a trail of negativity and unmotivated people. Effective organisations need to understand how to deal with change and the impact it has on the people involved. Where organisations need to lead people through change, they must understand how to deal with their people's emotions, fears and concerns and they must know how to do this positively whilst maintaining motivation and focus. 

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