Diversity Awareness for Employees - 1 day

Diversity Awareness for Employees


There are no prerequisites for participants to join this course

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About this course

This one day session seeks to promote a culture which encourages different individuals and groups to work together without prejudice or stereotyping. The course will give all participants an understanding of the key issues and individual responsibilities in promoting a positive approach to Diversity in the workplace and will highlight the legal dimension of Diversity at work whilst also raising awareness of the importance of best practice.

Understanding how everyone sees the world differently will form the starting point. Not only do people see the world differently, but they believe their view to be the correct view and cannot understand when others do things so differently to the way they do. This will provide the platform to discuss assumptions, prejudices, stereotyping and listening to different points of view.

The course will also cover the following:

  • Theory and rationale. What is diversity? Why should we explore it? 
  • What is discrimination in the workplace?
  • Cultural awareness
  • What helps and hinders inclusion and exclusion? 
  • How to break inappropriate behaviour?
  • Do past experiences influence the present? 
  • Action Plan on how to engage with diversity

Who this course will benefit

Whilst this course will be beneficial for line managers and HR professionals who need to train their own staff on diversity awareness, the course will be particularly beneficial for employees who will be able to interactively engage in the training and satisfy any questions they may have. 

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