Discovering your team - 2 days

Discovering your team


No prerequisites 

About this programme

This programme is the foundation of all our team development programmes, and seeks to allow team members to really discover each other. The programme starts with emotional intelligence, and an exercise entitled “why can’t you be more like me?” Participants will learn about how different people view the same thing through different “lenses” and will begin to realise how their own lenses work. Participants will then do the MBTI questionnaire on personality type, and over the course of the day, will do a number of activities focused around MBTI that will allow them to really understand their own type and those of each of their colleagues in different situations.

On the second day, the focus of the programme will be on the Strength Deployment Inventory. Participants will learn about the motivational value system of their team members, and what drives them when things are good and when things are bad. They will learn that nothing is a weakness, it is just an overstated strength that needs to be harnessed. Working with each other and again using a number of indoor and outdoor activities, they will develop an understanding of each others strengths and how to maximise the use of these strengths in the work environment.

Who this programme will benefit

At the end of the programme, team members will have a real appreciation for the value that every member of their team has to offer. They will understand each other preferences, the power of each others strengths and how to use this as a team to gain competitive advantage.

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