Developing a vision, mission and core values - 2 days

Developing a vision, mission and core values


There are no prerequisites for this course

A truly successful organisation requires a compelling vision of the future and a set of underpinning core values that will engage and inspire employees and ultimately enable the achievement of the vision. A vision is a dream or a picture of the future, and visions are supposed to “err on the side of greatness”.  The mission defines how the vision will be achieved. The core values are the principles and ethics that will drive the organisation’s behaviours.

The problem with many organisations however is that the vision, mission and core values are often defined by the founders or senior directors of the organisation. Often they are not adapted and amended as the organisation changes. They quickly become forgotten and irrelevant to the organisation. Where they are relevant, frequently they don’t have the buy in of the organisation. 

And it is not just organisations as whole that need a vision, mission and core values. Teams and departments have specific a specific purpose to fulfil, and their vision, mission and core values will not be the same as the organisation at large. Understanding how to create a vision, mission and core values is therefore fundamentally important for team leaders, managers, senior managers and directors.

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