Developing a culture of team trust and support - 2 days

Developing a culture of team trust and support

One of the worst issues that teams deal with is the paranoia that comes with those who are willing to step on others to climb the ladder of success. Those willing to trample upon others are often feared and respected in a Machiavellian sort of way, and yet, due to their previous actions everyone gives them a wide birth and indeed, there is really no trust there.

Trust is so crucial to maintaining and building teams that one has to wonder if such fences can actually ever be repaired once those gaping holes appear. When we talk about developing trust on a team, we are in essence talking about the same thing that the players on a soccer team go through. They must trust each other so that each team member will be in the proper place when they pass the ball.

If they know and understand their fellow team mates and trust them to give 100% of their ability, they realise that they too must do the same. This is why trust is the key to team building, but establishing that trust is not as easy as it sounds.

There are many things people can do to strengthen their group, advance their skills together, and work towards a common goal or set of objectives but, trust is the first step. Without it trust, it does not matter what individuals in a team achieve, because they are looking out for themselves rather than focusing on their team, and this defeats the very objective for which teams are created.

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