Consultative Selling Skills - 1 day

Consultative Selling Skills


There are no prerequisites for this programme

There is a perception that sales people are there to look after their interests and not that of the buyer. Consultants on the other hand are there to look after the interests of the people they work for. Consultative selling is about the seller becoming a consultant for the buyer. They help buyers make their buying decision by guiding them and advising them on the most suitable options for them. Consultative selling is about the sales person becoming the customer-focused partner, helping customers convert implied needs into concrete, stated needs, which can be met by the seller with the mutually agreed upon "best fit" solution.

There are many advantages to using a consultative sales strategy. It will become a given that features and benefits match client needs rather than being something buyers must be convinced off. Objections are prevented altogether rather than being something that the sales person has to overcome, and closing the sale is less important than cementing the relationship which will result in the sale coming through anyway.

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