Capability and conduct within the Law - 2 days

Capability and conduct within the Law


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Some managers would rather ignore a problem with conduct or capability than deal with it for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is because a manager perceives this to be the easier approach and in many other instances, managers are simply not sure what to do and accordingly, they do nothing at all. 

A common misconception in the workplace is that capability and conduct is only an issue when something goes wrong or when some one has not been doing their job correctly. This misconception leads managers to miss the opportunity to identify their team members’ strengths and to look at ways through which they can develop those strengths further. 

Managing conduct and capability ‘positively’ can create many benefits for managers, individuals and the organisation itself.  Yet, managing capability and conduct remains for many managers something they ‘must do’ rather than something they ‘can and should do’ for mutual benefit. 

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