Bringing the fish philosophy to your team - 1 day

Bringing the fish philosophy to your team

About this programme

The FISH philosophy was inspired by observations of the work culture at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market. Although the employees here worked in a cold and smelly environment, starting very early in the morning, and doing relatively mundane work, these workers made their routine errands fun for themselves and their customers. Not only did they have a lot of fun, they sold a lot of fish as well. After an examination of their behaviours, the Fish Philosophy was created and is based on 4 key concepts:

  • Play
  • Make their day
  • Be There
  • Choose your attitude

The course begins by the team being introduced the Fish Philosophy, and discussing the underlying successes behind the Pike Place Fish Market. Our facilitators will then review case studies of teams that have brought the Fish philosophy into their work places, demonstrating how Fish can work in any team environment regardless of the industry or sector.

Following on from this, participants will learn practical tools to bring the Fish Philosophy to life in their workplace, as well as learning proven strategies to increase morale, retention and revenue. They will also learn how to bring energy and engagement to their work place.

Through interactive exercises, our facilitators will help your team to develop a shared vision of the culture they want to create, and how they will go about doing it. The group will discuss and develop ideas and formulate an action plan as to how they will implement the Fish Philosophy and keep it alive. Finally, participants will learn about how to drive change, and deal with consequences of change as well as the inevitable resistance to change to ensure that they are equipped to make a real change to the working environment.

Who this programme will benefit

Your team will be energised and motivated, and this will just be the immediate effect of their learning and action plans. As they implement the Fish philosophy in the workplace, people will enjoy coming to work more resulting in higher levels of staff retention, productivity and performance.  This programme is suitable for teams of 6 people and upwards.

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