What Role Play and Forum Theatre can be used for

What Role Play and Forum Theatre can be used for

Role-play activities allow for real development of the soft skills that are so vital when having difficult conversations, interviewing or running any type of investigation or hearing. Managers will be able to try techniques they have learnt; understand how to counteract difficult moments; get feedback on where they can improve and actually have the opportunity to try again after taking the feedback on board.

In addition to this, role play is particularly useful for training sales techniques and  handling difficult customers. It is of course also highly effective for training mentoring and coaching skills that will allow participants to practice mentoring or coaching processes on an actor to ensure they have grasped the techniques for effective development of their mentee.

Whilst role play and forum theatre can be used for a vast range of learning activities, some of the most popular uses we have found are detailed below:

  • Conducting work place investigatory interviews
  • Running disciplinary hearings and appeals
  • Return to work interviews
  • Absence review discussions
  • Poor performance discussions
  • Grievance discussions
  • Breaking the news of redundancy
  • Diversity, Values and Vision
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Customer Services
  • Sales
  • Managing conflict
  • Personal development- Assertiveness, Interview & Negotiation

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