Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision, Mission and Core Values

What is it that makes an organisation truly successful? 

A truly successful organisation requires a compelling vision of the future and a set of underpinning core values that will engage and inspire employees and ultimately enable achievement of the vision.

A vision is a dream or picture of the future that pulls people and organisations towards that future. It is the picture of what the organisation believes the future can be.

Core values are a set of beliefs and principles which are important to the organisation. Core values are about how all employees from the CEO downwards are expected to engage with each other as they come to work – the rationale being that if everyone is doing these things internally with heir colleagues everyday, then these are things that they will do naturally when dealing with their customers, users, suppliers, stakeholders.

Any organisation, in order to survive and achieve success, must have a sound set of beliefs on which it bases all its policies and actions. Beliefs must always come before policies, practices and goals. The latter part must always be altered if they are seen to violate fundamental beliefs.

Beliefs read “values”. These are the small number of central and enduring principles that guide all aspects of behaviour. They lie behind the culture, vision and mission. 

For organisations to move forward with everyone sharing positive values, they must go through a process of discovery which must involve people at all levels of the organisation in order to ensure buy in and above all to ensure that people live these values on a day to day basis and that they become more than just words.

Having a clear organisational vision and a set of values benefits the organisation, particularly in times of change.


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