Tetra Map

Tetra Map

Tetra Map is a simple and refreshing programme using Mother Nature to understand human nature and it is breathing new life into psychometric training for Human Resource professionals.

The model, TetraMap®, uses a four sided tetrahedron (a pyramid shape) and four elements of nature; earth, air, water and fire, to map people’s individual strengths and preferences improving communication and building relationships. TetraMap improves communication and reduces conflict. It helps people recognise differences, and the value each person contributes to their team and organization.

Founders, New Zealanders Yoshimi and Jon Brett, say the beauty of the model is its simplicity and the fact that people from all walks of life or work are able to use it, understand it, and apply it quickly. TetraMap makes learning fast, fun, easy to recall and quick to use. People and their behaviours affect every aspect of our life and Tetra Map demonstrates why they affect people, and develops intuitive awareness, team spirit, and business intellect.

TetraMap® uses a simple questionnaire that takes only a few minutes to complete. Users graph the four elements of their nature and immediately see how similar, different and unique they are.

All the four elements are then depicted on the tetrahedron, showing how people’s diverse qualities and preferences are all needed to form one whole, that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Tetra Map in Team Building

Have you ever wondered 'Why are you like that?'. Well why not contact us to request a facilitated TetraMap® team build and find out! In this fun and interactive session, team members will learn unforgettable insights in to their individual preferences, and how to truly celebrate their differences to maximum effect with this simple yet effective business tool.

Applications for Tetra Map

  • Sales training
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication and relationships
  • Organisational Development
  • Team Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • People Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creativity

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