The Team Management Profile offers a researched framework of effective team working that helps team members to work both individually and together to realise their full potential. This tool will help you learn how the best teams organise themselves to value difference, create balance, enhance critical thinking, set appropriate goals, and improve decision-making.

Understand your work preferences

Based on a self-assessed Questionnaire, each 5,000 word personalised report focuses on your strengths within a team, relationships with team members and the way you prefer to influence and lead. You can use it to uncover your major and related roles and spread of preference, revealing untapped potential. It will also help identify and match your personal energies with the work you do and your role within a team.

By understanding who you are, you can appreciate how to be a better team member, how to help shape and lead your team and how to interact with others who may see the world of work in an entirely different way.

It’s all about sharing

The initial focus on personal insights moves to sharing Profiles and looking at your group as a whole. The high-face validity and positive, straightforward language encourages people to instantly start using the vocabulary and the visual models to explain issues and accelerate team development.

The more you know about the group, and the clearer your picture of what successful performance looks like, the easier it is to know whether you are on the way to achieving your goals.

Science and simplicity

Fully-researched and validated, and reviewed by the British Psychological Society, the Team Management Profile is developed directly from rigorous scientific research into high performance in the world of work by Dr Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann, working with real international business managers and their teams.

Combining power and flexibility, the layers of data in the Profile can be explored in depth within personal coaching, leadership development, conflict resolution, teambuilding and accelerating high performance.

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