Role Play

Role Play

Another form of experiential learning is 'role play'. A role-play workshop typically takes the form of a one-on-one encounter in which a delegate can test or be assessed on a whole range of skills and techniques through their interaction with a character played by an actor.

Unfortunately, 'role play' is another of those words with negative connotations. For many, it is the embarrassing activity of simulating a work-related scenario with a colleague, a pointless and unrealistic activity serving as a put-off for any at the receiving end of the dreaded 'staff training day'.

However, role-play is an extremely effective tool when used properly. As well as being realistic and believable, a professional role play actor is capable of giving life to a scenario that will feel real to the participant, whilst at the same time allowing the learning facilitator to understand the skills, experience and learning needs of an individual and responding accordingly. Role-play is as close to a real working environment as you can get without the risks that accompany it.

Understanding procedural principles such the disciplinary process is a relatively easy task. The challenge for most managers is actually having the difficult conversations and dealing with “un-scripted” and “un expected” people issues. The inability to apply effective soft skills during both formal and informal conversations plays a major role in the grievances of employees.

Using drama and role play, Firovia can:

Re-create reality in a safe environment

Bring theory to life

Allow delegates to develop and practice their soft skills

Challenge the skills of the participants

Take delegates on a journey of discovery

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