Leadership Development - Stage 3- Leadership Skills

At a practical level, leaders need to have the skill set and knowledge of various areas of human interaction, behaviour and psychology to be able to maximise on their impact as a leader.

This stage focuses on the practical aspects of being a leader, and provides participants with the knowledge, understanding and skill set to be able to lead effectively. This stage is highly interactive and no 2 programmes are ever the same.

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  • Influential Leadership

    Influential Leadership

    We are in an age where a leader cannot simply throw their weight around to achieve the tasks needed to achieve their goal. Sometimes, the modern leader needs to get things done through people outside ...

  • Inspirational Leadership

    Inspirational Leadership

    "Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow." As a leader, you will have a vision, and you will probably have charted a strategic plan to ...

  • Political Intelligence

    Political Intelligence

    The subject that no organisation is prepared to discuss and yet most will acknowledge is part of the way they get things done! Aristotle said that “man is a political animal”, and this rem...

  • Strategic leadership

    Strategic leadership

    The leader of today has greater challenges than ever before in terms of unlocking human potential in their organisation and delivering results. In today’s world, one of the main aims of the lead...

  • Diversity and Prejudice

    Diversity and Prejudice

    The world has shrunk over the last 50 years, and today our societies comprise of immensely diverse population. From gender to religion, sexual orientation to race; our society strives to promote diver...

  • Developing a Vision

    Developing a Vision

    A vision is not merely a dream, it is a powerful force that guides and inspires success. A vision serves as a target, and provides the leader with a direction for their energy and resource. A vision h...

  • Planning, Prioritising and Time Management

    Planning, Prioritising and Time Management

    Time once spent can never be taken back which makes it one of your most precious assets that needs to be used with extreme care. In your quest to become a great leader, understanding how to plan and p...

  • Managing conflict

    Managing conflict

    As a leader, situations of conflict are inevitable. Research has shown that dealing with conflict is one of the primary areas of avoidance amongst managers. Conflict is a difficult issue to deal with,...

  • Communicating with impact

    Communicating with impact

    Communications experts predicted Barack Obama was to become the president of United States as soon as he became a contender for the Democratic Party nomination. They said this on the basis that Barack...

  • Highly effective networking

    Highly effective networking

    People buy people, but people hate being sold to. People love to do business with friends. Networking is not just about selling- it is about developing relationships. In fact, highly effective network...


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