Leadership Development - Stage 2: Understanding how others perceive you

You can only deal with how you are perceived by others once you understand yourself. Knowing how others perceive you can define your success as a leader. If you know how people perceive you, and the impact this has on them, you can adapt your styles and behaviours to suit the situation.

Again this stage makes use of various internationally acclaimed tools to allow delegates to understand how other people perceive them.

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  • Firo B

    Firo B

    Firo-B is a tool developed by William Schultz in 1958, and is a theory of interpersonal relations. The instrument gives valuable insights into the needs individuals bring to their relationships with o...

  • Insights Discovery

    Insights Discovery

    Every person is unique, whether subtly or profoundly they bring to our work places different gifts, a variety of styles and their own collection of needs, motivation and expectations. In these differe...

  • 360 Degree Feedback

    360 Degree Feedback

    360 degree feedback is a process of comparing self-perceptions of skills, performance or personality attributes to those of others who work closely with the individual. The invited feedback typically ...

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Most people like to give feedback. They don’t necessarily give feedback well, but they still like to give it. Fortunately, giving feedback effectively is a skill that can be taught and developed...


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