Leadership Development - Stage 1- Understanding yourself

The first stage of any development is awakening and realising that which you don’t know. With leadership development, you are the focus of the development, and to be able to develop your leadership ability, you must know what you really are. We all have ideas and perceptions of who we are, but often these only touch the surface and frequently our opinions of ourselves are diluted by ideas that we have developed of ourselves rather than a true reflection of what we are.

The first module of the leadership development journey is designed to awaken your own understanding of your self. This stage makes use of various tools that have become highly popular in organisations across the world. With the help of our expert facilitators, delegates will be enlightened with a much deeper understanding of themselves than they have ever had before.

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  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence

    As an individual you have a unique window on the world, and it is subjective and filtered. Others cannot see things the way you see them, but most people are blind to this, and expect their reality to...

  • MBTI – The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

    MBTI – The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

    You don’t need a leadership course to tell you people are different. Everyone knows that different people have different preferences. So what is the point of tools such as MBTI that essentially ...

  • SDI- Strength Deployment Inventory

    SDI- Strength Deployment Inventory

    SDI is a tool based on 30 years of research by Elias H Porter into Relationship Awareness Theory. SDI is designed to allow people to understand what really makes people tick. It specifically considers...


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