Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery

Every person is unique, whether subtly or profoundly they bring to our work places different gifts, a variety of styles and their own collection of needs, motivation and expectations. In these differences lie great strengths. The Discovery journey is one of understanding differences; understanding more about self, about others, and enabling the connection of people’s strengths. When we build upon our gifts we create a work environment where people can more readily achieve their goals.

Insights Discovery specialises in improving interactions and relationships between individuals by providing a common language for communication and understanding. The work has impact at both a personal and Organisational level. Insights work is based on a simple model or framework:

Understand me

Understand you

Adapt to you to improve our relationship and my effectiveness

Based on Carl Jung’s typology, the Insights Discovery personal profile is generated after completing a simple questionnaire. The report provides the following information:

  • Personal, working and decision-making style and attitude
  • Key strengths of both the participant
  • Indicates development areas
  • A separate chapter is devoted to the description of the factors the individual can best contribute to team work and thus it provides help in creating the optimum future team mix.
  • Useful information for managers about their employees in terms of how to communicate with them, motivate them and finding the optimal level of co-operation with them.
  • It helps identify the key to people who might prove to be difficult to handle due to different preferences and ways of operation.
  • It describes the ideal working environment of the participant as well as the types of tasks he is able to fulfil with the least use of energy.
  • The feedback provides a detailed description about forms of behaviour the person is less aware of.

In its simplest form, the Discovery learning system identifies four colour energies- Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery red – and presents these on a wheel called the Insights Discover Wheel.

Every person uses these colour energies to varying degrees. It is however an individuals ordering of these colours that will shape their personal styles, and it the preference for a particular colour energy that will indicate an individual’s dominant or preferred style of thinking, working and communicating. Known as the energy flow, which indicates the colour proportion of conscious and less conscious energy, it illustrates the motivations and psychological background of an individual’s behaviour.

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