Culture Change

Culture Change

“This is just the way it is done here”

You have probably heard this statement in every organisation you have ever worked in. It is a statement that defines organisational culture. Organisational Culture represents the approach; attitude and application of the way things are done in an organisation. It is something that is embedded into the people and processes of the organisation. Organisational Culture develops from the day a business is created, and develops as the organisation progresses. Parts of the culture are transparent, tangible and understood whilst others are unstated yet accepted, recognised and acknowledged. 

Good culture brings a host of benefits to an organisation. Amongst them are a motivated work force, happy customers, healthy margins, profitability, efficiency and a great reputation. Conversely, Organisational Culture can also have a negative impact on an organisation. Bad culture will breed negativity, demotivate, cause conflict, drive inefficiency and waste time and resource.

It would appear obvious to change an organisations culture if it was not conducive to the positive development of the organisation. But changing an organisations culture is not easy because culture becomes embedded in the organisations DNA. Effecting any type of change is difficult so it will come as no great surprise that effecting real and long term culture change is an extremely challenging feat to achieve. Fortunately, Firovia are experts in facilitating culture change effectively with lasting results.


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