Actor based role play

Actor based role play

Management Development with Actor based forum theatre and role play

Tell me and I may listen

Show me and I may not remember

Involve me and I will understand

With the increasing demands faced by organisations everyday, having effective people and people managers is key to any organisations success. Learning how to manage people most effectively is a learning and development need for even the most experienced managers, and in the vast majority of cases this learning and development only takes place when managers are required to deal with a real issue. Even where managers have undergone extensive training, skills are only put to the test in a real situation, and this can lead to dangerous consequences if not applied correctly.

Actor based role play allows managers to experience difficult and demanding situations and implement the skills they learn in a protected environment. The benefit of actor-based role-play is that we use qualified and experienced actors who can create extremes of emotions that managers can face, and these emotions both look and feel real. Participants in actor based role play sessions often say that within seconds they forget that the situation is not real and that they disconnect with other participants in the room focusing entirely on the role play situation.

The protected nature of actor based role play allows participants to take chances with the skills they have learnt, make mistakes and get feedback from facilitators on what they did well and what they could improve upon.

The biggest advantage of using actor based role play is that people are INVOLVED in the process, and are therefore far more likely to remember and apply the skills they have learnt correctly when needed in real situations. This falls in line with research, which shows people remember:

 20% of what they hear

40% of what they see

80% of what they discover themselves


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