Strategic leadership

Strategic leadership

About this module

This 1 day course is designed to present the perspectives and skills to develop people into more effective, authentic leaders who can lead high-performance teams. 

The course begins by examining the need for strategic leadership, how thought on leadership has developed and the current perceptions on strategic leadership. The course will then look at levels of leadership and  the capabilities required at the strategic level. The course will also look at the difference between strategic leadership and strategy.

Following on from this, delegates will learn about developing a new vision and plan to transform an organisation to face future challenges. They will also learn what is needed to develop strategic leadership capability.

The course will then shift its attention to understanding corporate culture by examining its structural, behavioural and human aspects. Delegates will learn how leaders can change corporate culture and how emotional intelligence plays a key role in achieving this.

Finally the course will analyse the psychological aspects of strategic thinking, and consider mind mapping and other approaches to creative thinking.

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