Effective Change Management - 1 day

Effective Change Management


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About this course

This 1 day course begins by establishing the core principle that sets the foundation of this course- change is not a bad thing. Delegates will learn when change is good, and when change can be positive even if it is initially perceived to be negative. The course will then look at the different types of change and how certain change can be bad.

The focus of the course then moves to understanding how to deal with the effects of change both personally and on other people. This begins by assessing how each delegate reacts to change as an individual. As different people have different preferences, some people will be able to handle change more easily than others. Delegates will then learn how to use their understanding of their own disposition to change to handle change themselves more effectively. Delegates will learn how to deal with the bereavement in change, as well as the fear and strong feelings this will bring about in them.

Once managers are able to handle change internally themselves, they can then better lead other people through change. When leading people through change, they will need to deal with cynicism, fear and resistance. People will have strong ideas and feelings about any change that affects them. Delegates will learn how to manage all the different reactions and attitudes that will emerge when change occurs. 

The course will demonstrate how to question people to understand how they perceive things and then help them shift these perceptions to help them better deal with the change. Delegates will learn how to motivate people through the change by clearly defining the rational behind the change and the benefits that this change will bring. They will help people understand the present reality and the desired state and illustrate the benefits this will bring to all the people involved.

The course will conclude by analysing how to get buy in through involving everyone in the change process.

Who this course will benefit

This course will benefit team leaders, supervisor, managers and directors. 

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