Bullying and harassment within the Law - 1 day

Bullying and harassment within the Law


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About this course

This one day course sets out to answer the common questions, concerns and legal implications of bullying and harassment in the workplace. We will look at the issue of bullying and harassment from every point of view and help provide participants with useful advice in dealing with victims, the organisation or the accused. On completing the course participants will know how to identify bullying and harassment, tackle it effectively and quickly and formulate proactive approaches to address the root causes.

The course begins by distinguishing between bullying and harassment. Participants will first learn about the Equality Act in relation harassment and the different forms of harassment that exist. The course will provide participants with an understanding of the importance of the victim’s perception, where liability falls on an individual, where it falls on the employer and liability for harassment from third parties. Participants will learn about what reasonable steps employers must take to confidently prevent a culture of harassment as well as deal with it effectively if and when it arises.

The course will then look at what constitutes bullying behaviour and the different types of bullying. These include manager to employee, employee to employee and employee to manager. The course will examine the widespread nature of bullying in the workplace, the distinction between strong management and bullying and the employer’s duty of care in relation to bullying. 

The course will then take a look at the how grievances relating to bullying and harassment need to be dealt with within the legal framework, how grievances can be resolved and what the potential outcomes of the grievance process are in such cases. Participants will also learn about bullying and harassment as a disciplinary issue, and how the process needs to be followed in such cases.

The course will conclude by analysing stress related illness related to bullying and harassment and how such illness can be managed to ensure the welfare of the employee and their return to work.

Who this course will benefit

This course will benefit HR practitioners or line managers responsible for dealing with the issues of bullying and harassment for their organisation. 

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