How we work

How we work

The organisational audit begins by understanding what the organisation is seeking to achieve. Our consultants will spend time with the senior management of the organisation, team or division being audited to understand the vision, mission and core values. They will seek to understand various senior management perceptions such as:

  1. How the successful the organisation is
  2. How the vision, mission and core values are actually being lived
  3. What the organisational culture is
  4. What the development and training needs are
  5. How effective the policies and procedures are
  6. How motivated the staff are

 Firovia consultants then focus their attention on the main body of the organisation. These are some of the things we look at:

Staff perception

Our consultants will create an environment where staff feel safe and able to provide honest opinions and feedback about the organisation. Staff will be able to communicate openly with our consultants through interviews where their answers will be probed and challenged, and also through anonymous mediums where they do not feel brave enough to discuss any issues openly.

Overt and covert observation 

We can use both overt and covert observations techniques to really understand an organisations culture as well as staff behaviours and attitudes. We will observe managerial competencies and effectiveness, motivation, moral and team effectiveness. 

Policies and procedures 

Our team will conduct a detailed audit of your organisations policies and procedures, their effectiveness and whether they are actually being applied throughout the organisation. We will uncover any issues relating to employment law as well as best practice.

Training needs 

No two organisations are the same, and accordingly there is no off the shelf training programme that will fully address the training needs of a specific organisation. The organisational audit will allow Firovia to provide your organisation with an understanding of what the specific training needs of the organisation are and will allow for bespoke programmes to be developed to address these needs. 

Data gathering 

Firovia will look at current KPIs and will also develop KPIs as part of the audit to be able to effectively gather data on performance and the effectiveness of processes. Using a rigorous data gathering process, Firovia will be able to quantify any benefits that are not currently being realised as a result of inefficiencies or poor performance. 

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